World of Depleted


“432 days after the Grid goes down, former undercover journalist Jenna Whitmore teams up with James Fallhery and Tom Faust, two military specialists who lost their units in the violent internal strife of the Fall. With orders that will lead them to the farthest edges of the tattered remnants of the United States, the band of survivors will have to battle through a treacherous new enclave and brutal adversaries to stay alive. Along the way, Jenna will have to fight her inner demons if she’s to get out of the country intact.”

From the World of Depleted website:

“When a devastating series of terrorist attacks leads to a change in power in the West, the decision to temporarily shut down the public communications grid leads to the most violent civil uprising in the history of Western civilization. When the outrage of the populace is paired with an insidious anti-Technology agenda by a shadow group, a perfect storm of conditions arise to transform the temporary shutdown into a permanent blackout. As supply chains and medical facilities are destroyed, famine and plague ravage increasing numbers of those who were not killed in the uprisings.

Plunged from a world of technology into the dark ages, the population of the world has been sundered nearly 89% in less than a single year. People no longer count the years, but only the days since they were plunged into ignorance once more—an event they now refer to as the “Fall.” The World of Depleted follows the subsequent days and years after the Fall, as man tries to regroup, as new regimes rise to power, and the mysteries of what led to this new world are explored.

Creatives from around the globe submit content for this world and, if accepted, share in the profits of their work. The ones that embrace the world completely will have their work canonized to become part of the official mythology of the World of Depleted, sculpting the landscape of reality for future generations! Unlike some user generated (or “cloud”) communities that have no direction, there is a core backbone of events, tales, and mythology that new content can revolve around, or they can go completely outside the spectrum to create uniquely separate works set in this world. Submissions are not limited to films, but include stories, novels, photos, videos, artwork, audio elements, music, and effects elements. This means that anyone who wants to get involved in the World of Depleted, can find the right place to do so!”

World Owner: Viking Productions, Inc.
Launch Date: May 1, 2010
Revenue Sharing: yes
Property License: BY-NC-SA
Creative Commons License: yes


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