Torn World’s First Anthology – and Sea Monsters!

This just in from Torn World…

“Torn World is celebrating Sea Monster Month for all of May! We’ve got meta-fiction articles on the sea monsters of our world going up daily, and our fiction, poetry and artwork is all in the theme as well. Battle a giant monster on the open seas, discover a misunderstood species, and take a peek at the journal entries of Torn World naturalists. We’ve even got glasses made with monster parts! Coming up, we’ve got stories of loss and injury, poetry about the lure of the sea, and more amazing sea monster art, to go with the new monsters we reveal every day. Check back often for updates!

Just as exciting, May sees the launch of our first anthology, available in pdf format, and as pre-order of a trade paperback (due out mid-June). Get a free copy of the ebook when you pre-order the hardcopy! This collection of 32 stories, 5 poems and pages of beautiful black and white artwork is a great way to jump into the complex setting of Torn World, with introductions to our two major cultures and information blurbs throughout. A round dozen authors and artists share some of the best of the Torn World, presented in order of events, and centered around the theme of family and coming of age.

Help us spread the word, and earn free ACEOs (collectable art cards of 2.5 x 3.5 inches)! Some will be prints, but you also have the chance to be randomly selected to receive original artwork from the anthology. See the anthology page for more details. We’re also looking for qualified reviewers!”


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