Lost Zombies

Present Day

The Campion Virus has reached its final mutation. The positive is that the virus is only transferable by bite, it is no longer an airborne virus. The negative is that the virus will, inevitably, take over the body and cause zombism. Take over of the body by the Campion Virus does not always result in death, meaning that a living person infected with the Campion virus can turn to a Zombie without dying.These are called Runners. They do not possess problem solving skills or the ability to communicate. They do however possess most of the physical skills they had prior to turning, meaning they can run in most cases. Those individuals who turn after death are slow moving zombies. Present day survivors have spread out across the globe.

You are one of them. Tell us your story.

Lost Zombies is a zombie-themed social network whose goal is to create a community generated zombie movie. Members of Lost Zombies have their own profile page, can submit photos and videos, take part in chat discussions, and submit content to be used in the movie.

World Owner: Skot Leach
Launch Date: June 13, 2008
Revenue Sharing: no
Property License: Default Copyright
Creative Commons License: no


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