StoryWorld Conference

The StoryWorld Conference + Expo, scheduled for October 31st – November 2nd in San Francisco, has an amazing list of speakers. Anyone interested in storytelling or transmedia should consider going (note: early registration discount ends August 31st!).

But the following panels should be especially interesting for anyone working with shared story world models, fandom-based participatory properties, or copyright/rights management in collaborative experiences:


Co-Managing in Collaboration with Stakeholders

David Tochterman, Head of Digital Media, Innovative Artists
Zak Kadison, Chairman, President and CEO, Blacklight
Scott Walker, President, Brain Candy, LLC

The legalities, issues and challenges are potential barriers within a story and these rights and loopholes should be considered from the outset wherever possible. This session will focus on determining who owns what when an Intellectual Property is fragmented, optimum deal structure, leveraging new contracts and how to retain ownership and creative control over your property. This will be a straight-talking panel that gets to the heart of some of the legal barriers.


Managing Rights in a Participative Canon – Co-creation, Mash Ups and Fan Fiction

Sarah Hinchliff Pearson , Senior Counsel, Creative Commons

There are a host of issues & challenges surrounding new media contracts and partnerships, especially when an audience are invited ‘in’ to co-create, mash up and collaborate .This session will take a look at contracts, rights and media partnerships with a focus on the challenges around mash ups and fan fiction. Ownership of and within a participative storyworld and canonical content is a thorny issue and will be addressed by reliable industry experts.


Generation C and Shared StoryWorlds

Esther Lim, Digital Strategist / Chief Experience Architect, The Estuary LLC
Allen Weiner, Research Vice President, Garter’s Media IAS Service
Pamela Rutledge, Co-founder, A Think Lab
Scott Walker, President, Brain Candy, LLC

What IS the C for in Generation C? ‘Content’, ‘connected’, ‘consumer’, ‘collaborator’, ‘creator’? Regardless of year of birth Gen C are all of the above and more – the common characteristic being that this demographic are ‘digital natives’ who turn to the internet naturally and extensively to multi-task. From consumers to producers, this session looks at shared storyworlds and why Generation C are hardwired to co-create and share. Join us for an enlightening ride through understanding, conversing with and encouraging valued co-creation with audiences and issues, opportunities and best practices for collaborating with consumers/fans.

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