It began as a simple class project. The students of Beckinfield High School asked citizens to record video diaries. Their goal was to share small-town life through the eyes of its residents. The townsfolk took to this right away, uploading self-recorded video glimpses into their very private lives.

A self-described “mass participation TV” project from Theatrics, “Beckinfield” offers anyone the opportunity to contribute to an on-going shared world.

Fans can sign up to simply view others’ videos, or they can take on the role of “Actors,” create a fictional character in Beckinfield, and upload their own videos. Actors are also given tools to help them build communities at the official Beckinfield website and earn points and badges for completing certain activities.

While there are internally-generated storylines Actors can reference in their videos (e.g., a UFO sighting at the local high school football game) and a set of internally-created characters, Actors are also encouraged to introduce new/original ideas within certain guidelines.

World Owner: Theatrics™ and Beckinfield™ Mass Participation TV
Launch Date: March 14, 2011
Revenue Sharing: no
Property License: Default Copyright
Creative Commons License: no

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