The Drifting Isle Chronicles

The Drifting Isle Chronicles

Crafted by a team of writers, “The Drifting Isle Chronicles” is a world blending “the mechanical wizardry of steampunk with the classic magic and mystery of epic fantasy.”

After launching an initial set of novels in 2013, the team turned the project in a true shared story world, inviting fans to contribute their own stories and characters to The Drifting Isle Chronicles universe.

Want to jump in to The Drifting Isle Chronicles world? Get the “Beginner’s Guide” and then get creative!


for more information about this project, check out the series of interviews with the team members

World Owner: Joseph Robert Lewis, Charlotte E. English, Kat Parrish, MeiLin Miranda
Launch Date: 2013
Revenue Sharing: no
Property License: Default Copyright
Creative Commons License: no

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