“The Drifting Isle Chronicles” – Update #2

This is the second update from Joseph Lewis, chief instigator of the collaborative project, “The Drifting Isle Chronicles.” We first heard from Joe when he was introducing the project, which he updated earlier this year. We have since heard from some of the other collaborators on the project, including Charlotte English, Katherine Tomlinson, and MeiLin Miranda. In this update, Joe shares how the project has gone and what the team is up to next!

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Interview with “Drifting Isle Chronicles” Collaborator MeiLin Miranda

This is the fifth in a series of interviews regarding “The Drifting Isle Chronicles” shared world project. In this interview, we meet another of the collaborating authors, MeiLin Miranda, who shares her thoughts on DRM, collaborative worldbuilding, and something called an “angler bug.”

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Open Settings, Closed Stories, and Creative Commons

The following is a guest post from Corey Reid, creator of the Dino-Pirates of Ninja Island shared story world. In this post, Corey talks about the benefits of combining an open world setting with traditional, linear  stories and why (and how!) he’s using Creative Commons to integrate a collaborative world building framework with a structure for commercialization of stories set in that open world.

This is a great follow up to my post about Creative Commons earlier this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing Reform School Ninja Girls – the first comic from the Dino-Pirates of Ninja Island – hit the presses!

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