StoryWorld Conference

The StoryWorld Conference + Expo, scheduled for October 31st – November 2nd in San Francisco, has an amazing list of speakers. Anyone interested in storytelling or transmedia should consider going (note: early registration discount ends August 31st!).

But the following panels should be especially interesting for anyone working with shared story world models, fandom-based participatory properties, or copyright/rights management in collaborative experiences:

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Charlie Higson on James Bond and Fandom

I came across a lovely debut blog post from Tom Dunbar in which he interviews Charlie Higson, the writer behind the Young Bond novel series.

Towards the end of the interview, Dunbar asks Higson about participatory narrative worlds that allow fans and writers to collaborate in the creation of stories:

TD: Do you think it is possible for writers and the public to create stories together?

CH: In a word – no.

Now, I’m actually in agreement with Higson almost 100%, which may sound surprising to anyone who’s familiar with my stance about fandom and participatory entertainment properties. But I also think Higson is confusing collaborative storytelling with collaborative world building, and the difference is critical.

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