It began as a simple class project. The students of Beckinfield High School asked citizens to record video diaries. Their goal was to share small-town life through the eyes of its residents. The townsfolk took to this right away, uploading self-recorded video glimpses into their very private lives.

A self-described “mass participation TV” project from Theatrics, “Beckinfield” offers anyone the opportunity to contribute to an on-going shared world.

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Grantville Gazette


A bi-monthly anthology of fan-written fiction set in the 1632 universe created by Eric Flint. Based on the “1632” novel written by Flint and expanded on over a series of additional novels, the Grantville Gazette emerged as a result of the amount and quality of fan fiction that began circulating the “1632” universe.

Authors are currently paid professional rates if their submission is accepted.

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