The Hunted


“We are The Hunted – survivors of vampire attacks who have banded together to protect ourselves from becoming cattle.  Like sharks in a feeding frenzy, they are drawn to those who have been bitten, and will continue to drain us until we become one of them.  They have spread throughout our society, and like cockroaches, they have developed an immunity to practically everything: crosses, sunlight, and holy water have no effect, and a stake in the heart just pisses them off. The only way they can be killed is to remove their head with a sword.  Our only other defense is through this website and internet series, in which we hope to prove the existence of vampires so that others may join our cause.”

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Lost Zombies

Present Day

The Campion Virus has reached its final mutation. The positive is that the virus is only transferable by bite, it is no longer an airborne virus. The negative is that the virus will, inevitably, take over the body and cause zombism. Take over of the body by the Campion Virus does not always result in death, meaning that a living person infected with the Campion virus can turn to a Zombie without dying.These are called Runners. They do not possess problem solving skills or the ability to communicate. They do however possess most of the physical skills they had prior to turning, meaning they can run in most cases. Those individuals who turn after death are slow moving zombies. Present day survivors have spread out across the globe.

You are one of them. Tell us your story.

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World of Depleted


“432 days after the Grid goes down, former undercover journalist Jenna Whitmore teams up with James Fallhery and Tom Faust, two military specialists who lost their units in the violent internal strife of the Fall. With orders that will lead them to the farthest edges of the tattered remnants of the United States, the band of survivors will have to battle through a treacherous new enclave and brutal adversaries to stay alive. Along the way, Jenna will have to fight her inner demons if she’s to get out of the country intact.”

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Bar Karma

There’s a place at the edge of the universe, a venue that’s behind time and before space, a watering hole where the tab you run up may never be paid – in this lifetime, at least.That place is Bar Karma.Notoriously lucky billionaire Doug Jones wins Bar Karma on a bet. He soon learns that ownership includes more than pouring the perfect cocktail – a lot more. Every happy hour one lost soul wanders through the bar’s doors, finding themselves at a karmic crossroads in his or her life. The Bar Karma staff guides their patrons using eerie glimpses into the past, present and many possible futures.

What would happen if you could change your fate? That’s the question Bar Karma sets out to answer. The show may begin with “a guy walks into a bar…” but Bar Karma always ends with someone’s life being changed…forever.

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Dino-Pirates of Ninja Island


Ninjas, pirates, and dinosaurs. A fantasy Asia, filled with warring island nations. Samurai mounted on domesticated raptors. Bigger dinosaurs hunted by quasi-Polynesian tribesmen. Dueling factions of shadow warriors. Privateers and buccaneers battling the servants of the Imperial Navy. Fallen kingdoms deep in forgotten jungles. And we call it… DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND!

This self-described “swashbuckling game of pulp adventure” role-playing world provides a basic world setting, a rules set, and free online tools to help you get started. Contributions to the world are encouraged, and the Creative Commons and Open Gaming License grant a wide range of rights to audiences.

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Torn World

Torn World is a science fantasy, combining science fiction and high fantasy. It is set in an Earth-like, long-post-apocalyptic world with slightly tweaked temporal behavior – although we observe general rules of physics (there is no ‘magic!’), time itself fluctuates and can be manipulated, with fascinating and far-reaching affects.Torn World is a shared world, and we’re really enthused about sharing it with you. Your participation here should be fun, inspiring and immersive. Enjoy what we offer, and get excited! Pick a level of participation that is comfortable for you, and be sure to let us know if there is anything we can do to make things better.


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Runes of Gallidon


“Night falls on five millennia of prosperity; dawn awaits those courageous enough to seize power.

It is the 5,108th year of the Age of Gallidon. Seven years have passed since the Destruction claimed the Emperor and the Imperial Isle. The magical forces that protected the Empire are breaking down. The remaining nobility pursue their own agendas, even as unspeakable threats emerge from the shadows. The world enters a new age, its fate unwritten…”

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