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I’m not accepting submissions for shared story worlds at this time.


Worlds listed at Shared Story Worlds can span genres, use a variety of mediums, and take many formats, but they all share the following philosophy: audiences have a way to officially participate in the building and expansion of the world by contributing their own works within the world (ideally, audiences will be rewarded for doing so).

Please be sure to read “What is a Shared Story World?” before submitting a suggestion.

While the scope of Shared Story Worlds is pretty broad, the entertainment properties that meet the following qualifications have the best chance of being listed:

1) Parity for Participation

Contributors retain some rights over their creations after their contributions are accepted into the world property or are compensated for not getting those rights. Examples include:

  • credit
  • creative (e.g., the ability to continue using their creations – or elements of their creations – after acceptance)
  • monetary (e.g., they share in any revenue generated from sales/licensing of their creations)
  • in-kind gift (e.g., physical good, access to an event, etc.)

2) No Up-Front Payments

Traditional work-for-hire arrangements do not qualify as audience participation. Contracting or entering into a legal agreement with another party to create a specific piece of content (work) does not qualify as audience participation.

3) Explicit Path to Canonicity

The path for audiences having their contributions accepted as canon must be explicit. This normally means having an established process communicated publicly, ideally with all legal terms and conditions spelled out. Just saying, “If we like your stuff, we may include it,” is not sufficient.

In short, contributor-based creations that are accepted into the world property must continue to be creatively accessible by the contributor, or that contributor must be monetarily compensated for giving up that right.