“The Drifting Isle Chronicles” – Update #1

This is the first update from Joseph Lewis, chief instigator of the collaborative project, “The Drifting Isle Chronicles.” We first heard from Joe when he was introducing the project, and we have since heard from Charlotte English, one of the writers of this project. In this update, Joe shares how the project is progressing and what the team’s up to.

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“The Drifting Isle Chronicles”

A few days ago I stumbled on a promising new shared universe project being led by Joseph Robert Lewis, a prolific self-published author.

The project is called “The Drifting Isle Chronicles,” and while it’s technically not a shared story world (Joseph is working with a small group of authors and is not accepting outside submissions), I was taken with Joseph’s enthusiasm and just-do-it attitude about tackling the challenge of collaborative worldbuilding. Plus, many of the challenges of shared universes apply to shared story worlds.

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