Interview with Bob Chapin of “The Hunted”

Bob Chapin shares his inspiration for the shared story world, The Hunted, a project that’s been running for over a decade. Bob also talks about lessons learned while overseeing this project, how the budgetary practicalities shaped the world mythology, why he says to give up chasing the illusion of control, and how even he had no idea what he was starting when he launched The Hunted.

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The Hunted


“We are The Hunted – survivors of vampire attacks who have banded together to protect ourselves from becoming cattle.  Like sharks in a feeding frenzy, they are drawn to those who have been bitten, and will continue to drain us until we become one of them.  They have spread throughout our society, and like cockroaches, they have developed an immunity to practically everything: crosses, sunlight, and holy water have no effect, and a stake in the heart just pisses them off. The only way they can be killed is to remove their head with a sword.  Our only other defense is through this website and internet series, in which we hope to prove the existence of vampires so that others may join our cause.”

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