Who Made This?

Shared Story Worlds is a project created by Scott Walker.

Scott does not like typing in the third person, but he does enjoy exploring what he calls participatory entertainment, collaborative storytelling, and value co-creation. Anything that bridges audiences/fans/consumers with creatives is likely to spark his interest.

Scott has fueled his passion for participatory entertainment through his company, Brain Candy, LLC, which created the shared story world Runes of Gallidon. He is also an advocate of transmedia storytelling and a self-professed typing monkey.

5 thoughts on “Who Made This?

  1. Great ! I love Bar Karma by the way.
    I will try to contribute when I have more time because this is a real place for making existing my creativity again and being in relations with other storytellers too.
    My storyworld for now is already so large that I getting lost in it… but soon it will re-focus !
    Merci for your great work.
    Karine & cie.


  2. Thank you for your kind (transatlantic!) words, Karine!

    I’m actively inviting interested individuals to contribute articles about shared worlds. The range of topics is pretty large, so you have a lot of topic choices, and I would love to have your perspective as someone outside the U.S. and active in transmedia, too!


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